“If any kind of diet shall heal it must consist of food… according to qualities of healing, cleaning, and of elimination.” – Professor Arnold Ehret, holistic health pioneer and author of several books on diet, detoxification, fasting, longevity, and vitalism.

If you’re really serious about health, it’s time to purge all the toxins you’ve accumulated from dietary and environmental sources. Natural detoxification cleanses the body of obstructions and reactivates the body’s own infinitely powerful healing mechanism.

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Circulating through each human being is about 5 liters of blood. But astoundingly each one of contains 4 times that much lymph fluid. Lymph fluid composed of lymphocytes, or lymphatic system cells, serves as the body’s toxin filter by rounding up poisons for excretion from our systems – whether through sweat, stool, urine, or respiration.

The body’s ability to purge harmful obstructions and toxins is quite robust. By using the lymphatic system in conjunction with the kidneys, liver and colon, it can rid the system of just about any harmful substance. However, when our diets surpass a certain toxicity threshold, even the intricate excretory systems of the human body need assistance in flushing out harmful substances.

*Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)

According to the World Health Organization and International Programme on Chemical Safety, “Over 90 percent of human background exposure” to dioxins – hundreds of highly toxic, slow-to-decompose chemicals known to cause cancer, skewed hormone levels, chronic fatigue, and other severe reproductive and developmental ailments – “is estimated to occur through the diet, with food from animal origin being the predominant source.” The WHO-IPCS cites “contaminated feed for cattle, chicken and farmed fish” and “food processing” as ways these destructive poisons end up on our dinner plates with modified tapioca starch.

Unfortunately, the standard American diet consists principally of meat/dairy (“animal origin”) based products and other high/sugar replacement/rice starch/fat processed foodstuffs.

Because cows [and most other animals] in modern farms are confined to such small spaces and kept so cramped together, infections run rampant. To suppress symptoms and keep the cows alive until slaughter, farmers administer gross quantities of antibiotics – which you of course ingest upon eating store-bought meat.

Further, eating meat, drinking milk, or consuming practically any dairy product exposes your body to the artificial hormones (given to animals by way of under-ear, slow release implants) to force unnaturally fast growth and fattening.

95% of the foods found in the average super market are at least partially toxic. Meat, dairy, and all the other cooked processed foods contain indigestible preservatives and harmful man-made compounds such as polychlorinated bipehyls – used in the construction of electrical equipment – and polyvinyl chloride – found in everything from telephone wires to PVC pipe.

Maybe even these poisons could be flushed by the body if the modern diet were not so rich in fats and cooked foods. Consumption of lipids (fats) and cooked and processed foods causes the blood to become sluggishly thick. Aside from practically immobilizing hemoglobin (red blood cells) which causes widespread depravation of oxygen and nutrient, this over-thickening prevents the lymphatic system from diffusing collected toxins into the blood for removal from the body through urine, stool, perspiration, or respiration.

*Hope – Cleanse, Detoxify, Regenerate!

“Of the many effects evaluated… in adult study populations… exposed to dioxins, dioxin-like and non-dioxin-like compounds…, many were transient effects disappearing after the end of exposure.” Simply put, all the ailing symptoms of ingesting toxins can disappear through detoxification!

Okay, so toxins in my S.A.D. diet are flooding my body with poisons and stopping me from living life to the fullest. How do I start the detoxification process to unlock my full potential for health and happiness?

The answer is quite simple: cut out the bad and replace it with the good.

It’s time to transition to an immensely beneficial, potential-maximizing organic raw foods diet! Bright succulent fruits, juicy greens, and protein-packed, hunger-smashing nuts and seeds all work to evacuate toxins from the body and remedy nutrient deficiencies to achieve radiant health.

If you’re ready to rid yourself of headaches, excess body fat, skin problems, fatigue, excessive stress, sugar cravings, allergies, colds, infections, cancers, and emotional eating habits that come with over-toxicity, then you need to cleanse and detoxify now!

World-renowned authors and holistic nutritionists Yuri Elkaim, CK, RHN and Amy Coates, RHN, BSc have developed a proven 30 day detoxification, life-altering program designed to flush your body of harmful toxins and nurture it to a complete state of thriving health and happiness!

Raw Foods Diet Detoxification – Cleanse the Body and Emanate Health Naturally!