Hemlock Vs Red Cedar for Your Home Sauna

The topic of which wood is best for use in your home sauna nz is one that keeps coming up. Both Hemlock and Red Cedar both make great choices for sauna use, so I would like to discuss the positives and negatives of both. Picking the right wood for your home sauna is very important, especially if you are building one yourself. Carefully consider the following and then choose what will work best for you and your home.

The two best choices of wood for a sauna are red cedar and hemlock. A lot of people prefer red cedar because of its looks, however it does have some downsides to it as well, especially if you are new to wordworking or sauna construction. Of the two, hemlock has the tendency to splinter over time, but at the same time it is considered to be stronger and more flexible. Cedar on the other hand is harder to work with but has a natural reflective tendency which makes it work really well for use in a home sauna. The natural sauna insulation is one of the best reasons to choose cedar in crafting a sauna.

Hemlock has a very straight alignment to its grains, this does two things. It makes the wood more likely to splinter, but at the same time these straight grains make the task of cutting it down into small sauna parts very easy. When crafting sauna benches, or infrared sauna heater covers you will need to make very thin strips and assemble them with accuracy. The ability to cut this into the more intricate sauna parts should not be overlooked for a novice crafter and is guaranteed to more your work much easier.

With cedar you will be adding the benefit of its natural reflective properties to your sauna. This is particularly good for an outdoor sauna, and even more so if you are building one in a colder climate. An outdoor cedar sauna will retain its shape with much less waterproofing and with the same exposure to weather it will naturally last longer than hemlock. These properties due put cedar ahead of hemlock for use in an outdoor sauna. The bolder color of red cedar is also something that you may want in your sauna, which will surely stand out more than a hemlock sauna.

Overall both of these will make a great choice for use in a home sauna. If you are building your first sauna and have little experience with this sort of crafting, you should probably stick with hemlock. If you are making an outdoor sauna, then red cedar is the clear best choice. For infrared saunas and hybrid home saunas, both woods are perfectly good choices, so simply match your home decor to your sauna. No matter which one you choose, building a sauna is a very rewarding project which will give you rewards for years to come.…