December 20, 2010 Pet Food Recall Again – Learn How to Avoid This Problem and Save Your Dogs Life

Pet food recall is again in the news. Nineteen states are affected with this latest recall which includes both dog and cat foods. Pet food recalls continue to be a reoccurring problem affecting thousands of dogs around the country. A lot of these cases result in death.

Most of us have a habit of buying whatever dog food brand is on sale or continue buying the same brand for years without looking at the label or really knowing what is actually in the food.

1. All dog foods are not healthy.
2. Some will even reduce the life expectancy of your pet cat urinary issue or worse.
3. Well known brand names do not guarantee quality.

You are responsible for what your dog eats. There is no one else to blame for food related problems in your dog but you. Take yourself out of the equation by knowing that you have researched the food that you are feeding your dog and you have chosen the best available for him.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than finding out you have been neglectful and your dogs health has suffered from your lack of care.

If you love your pet maine coon malaysia , do them a favor by finding out about the food that they are eating.

Taking 15 minutes to learn about the ingredients and the processing methods of your dogs brand of food. Choose a brand with the proper mix of protein, carbs and fats. Check what fillers are used. By learning about what actually is in the food you will reduce the likelihood of your dog getting sick or dying.

Fillmore and My Nutritious Discovery

Every morning I especially look forward to breakfast with my best friend Fillmore. I suppose I should tell you that Fillmore is a golden retriever mix with an absolutely delicious personality. The other morning I was eating my nutritious cereal feeling rather good about my first meal of the day until I looked down at Fillmore. Fillmore finished his breakfast and looked up at me. Suddenly I realized that Fillmore was entitled to a nutritious and organic diet as well. I got up from the table and grabbed the bag of Fillmore’s dry food and when I read the ingredients on the label I was stunned to see a rather long paragraph of unpronounceable words and non-food substances that were included.

After a terrible bout of guilt and many apologies to Fillmore, who really didn’t know what to make of my behavior, I went on a quest to improve the quality of what he was eating and to seek natural pet nutrition. I know that organic pet food was the new territory I had to explore. After some research, I learned that there are a number of natural pet food options. I not only discovered organic pet food but also organic dog treats. There are a number of enlightened retailers that offer affordable pet care products dedicated to providing dog food in malaysia